Dean Lloyd – Reintegration Puzzle Conference 2019 Dean Lloyd – Reintegration Puzzle Conference 2019


Dean Lloyd


Dean Lloyd Counselling Services

Dean is a 44 year old man who was born and raised in white suburban Australia. In his school years he was an elite sportsman and not one for academic pursuit. Around the age of 18 he started using heroin and became heavily addicted. His addiction took him on a wild ride, with 15+ AOD treatment admissions, a prison sentence, a failed marriage and a child born who became the catalyst for eventually getting clean and finding recovery, integrity, dignity and a life worth living. He has over a decade's experience in the Real Estate industry, however in the last 6 years he has transitioned into the not for profit community sector, starting that transition in Community Housing and then working to support men exiting prison with identified AOD issues in both residential abstinence and harm minimisation models. Ultimately he landed a role writing and coordinating a pre-release prison program to assist people into employment post-release. In a complete 180 degree turn, he has developed a thirst for learning along the way and has completed academic studies in Community Services and Counselling. He is a passionate advocate for change in the current punitive Australian prison system and proudly stands with our First Nations people as their struggle and healing continue. Dean is a married father of three who works tirelessly to better himself and his community.