Transitioning Youth from Detention who have Committed Offences of a Sexual Nature: Successes and Challenges in a Remote Queensland Context

Griffith Youth Forensic Service (GYFS) provides specialist forensic psychological assessment and treatment services, throughout Queensland, to youth who are sentenced in courts in relation to sexual offence matters. GYFS is a university-based program funded by the Queensland Government (Youth Justice) since April 2001, with in-kind support from Griffith University. Our vision at GYFS is to bring together a team of practitioners and researchers in a sustained collaboration focused on understanding and preventing youth sexual violence and abuse. GYFS operates a field-based multisystemic, collaborative practice model, designed to enable equitable access to high-quality services regardless of location. GYFS Clinicians travel throughout Queensland, including to regional and remote locations, to conduct assessments and to deliver treatment in collaboration with local community partners.

Since 2001, GYFS has received over 750 referrals. Thirty-five percent of these were for young people from First Nations cultures and over 85% of referrals received were for young people living outside the metropolitan areas. GYFS prioritises providing services to highest risk young people, and those living in regional/remote locations. GYFS assessment and intervention services are provided to young people living in the community, and to those who are in custodial settings. GYFS works collaboratively with the young person, family and other stakeholders including cultural supports throughout the young person’s reintegration.

This presentation will explore the characteristics of those youth who have been held in custody on remand or sentence; and case examples will illustrate the successes and challenges of reintegration for young people returning to remote communities.

Ms Jodie Barton

Griffith Youth Forensic Service

Jodie Barton is the Manager of Griffith Youth Forensic Service. Jodie has more than 23 years of experience in working with young people and families in youth justice and child protection within Queensland, including experience in the assessment and treatment of adolescents who have committed sexual offences. Jodie’s experience includes supervising multi-disciplinary teams of youth justice staff to ensure the provision of high-quality, court, casework and restorative justice services to young offenders, their families and victims, with the aim of reducing reoffending. Jodie has extensive experience in engaging with young people and their families in ecosystemic interventions. Jodie has been a collaborative partner of GYFS since 2004. She is presently undertaking graduate studies in psychology.

Dr James Ogilvie

Griffith Youth Forensic Service
Senior Clinician

Dr James Ogilvie is a psychologist and Griffith Youth Forensic Service Senior Clinician. James has worked at GYFS since 2010, when he completed an externship as part of his training as a clinical psychologist and joined the team as a clinician in 2011. James provides clinical assessment, treatment and training services across Queensland, including the greater Brisbane region, and far north and central Queensland. He has clinical experience in conducting neuropsychological assessment in acute psychiatric care settings and working with clients with intellectual disabilities. James has research expertise in developmental and life-course criminology and neuropsychology, the application of neuropsychology methods and findings to the study of antisocial behaviour, and statistical methodology. James has completed a PhD in Clinical Psychology, with his research examining the links between neuropsychological development and antisocial behaviour across adolescence and early adulthood.