Leaving Prison and Leaving Violence: Pathways out of the Criminal Justice System for Women. A panel discussion featuring indigenous women with both lived experience of imprisonment and professional expertise in post-release support.

The Community Restorative Centre has operated programs that are specific to women leaving prison for more than thirty years. Despite the under-representation of women in the justice system, the gender specific needs of women leaving custody require attention and focus when designing and re-thinking reintegration programs. Indigenous women are the fastest growing prisoner population in Australia and there is growing recognition both in the research and practice fields of the complex link between women’s imprisonment and women’s experience of domestic and family violence. In order to frame the level and intensity of support required for women to live safely outside of the criminal justice system, there is a need to develop our understanding of both the complicated factors driving women’s imprisonment and the multiple barriers and challenges women face on release. This panel will explore the relationship between the criminal justice system and the experience of violence, and look at what pathways are available for women who are trying to move away from both. Drawing on the skills and experience of the women who work at CRC including women with lived experience of the criminal justice system, this panel will provide a critical and candid overview of the gender specific issues faced by women on release, with a specific focus on the experience of Indigenous women.

Peta Daley

Community Restorative Centre
Transition Worker

This panel discussion will feature the expertise of women who work at CRC including Indigenous women with lived experience of incarceration.