John’s Story – A Case Study of a Prisoners Reintegration Pathway: What’s Working and what’s not.

Wayne Harper

Corrections Victoria
General Manager Marngoneet Correctional Centre

Wayne is currently the General Manager of the Marngoneet Correctional Centre that incorporates both Marngoneet, a 559 bed, and Karreenga, 300 bed, male medium security prison located in Lara Victoria.
Prior to working in corrections Wayne worked in the manufacturing industry employed by Pacific Dunlop located both within Australia and China. Wayne was part of a team that established manufacturing plants and operations in southern China in the late1980s.
Wayne left Pacific Dunlop to own and operate a small retail business in Norlane Geelong in 1992 for the following 14 years.

Wayne joined the team at the Marngoneet Correctional Centre as a casual prison officer in 2006.
Since joining the Department of Justice and Regulation he has worked in a variety of roles including:
• Prison Officer at Marngoneet
• Prison Industries as a Senior Prison Officer and Supervisor within the Kitchen area of Marngoneet
• Vocational Services Manager
• General Manager at Marngoneet, Barwon Prison, Loddon Prison and Prison Industries.
Wayne was also the project manager for the development of the Inside Out Parenting Program delivered to prisoners at Marngoneet. This is the most intensive parenting program delivered in any prison and aspires to impact on the reduction of intergenerational crime.
Wayne was also able to lead the commissioning of the Karreenga facility that adjoins Marngoneet that came into operations in September 2016.
Wayne is passionate about delivering correctional services in a visible and tangible healthy culture that leads to an enhancement of community safety.

Rodney Whittle

Corrections Victoria
Vocational Services Manager

Rodney is currently the Vocational Services Manager at the Marngoneet Correctional Centre.
Prior to working with Corrections, Rodney worked in several different community support areas including the Disability and Employment sectors.
Entering his 8th year with Corrections, his roles have all been focused on prisoner rehabilitation and their transition back in to the community.
Rodney's passion in this area has seen him currently leading a project out of the Karreenga Correctional Centre ( 300 bed medium security annex of the Marngoneet Correctional Centre) providing an enhanced level of through care for men exiting into the Geelong Region.

The Karreenga Correctional Centre is currently working on an “Innovative Practice and Demonstration Project” assisting men being released from the 300 bed Medium security facility based in Lara into the nearby broader community of Geelong.
This Reintegration Pathway Project is essentially based on an enhanced level of through-care in line with the existing Corrections Victoria Reintegration Pathway (CVRP). Working with local community support agencies, the project is focusing on allowing the prisoners to meet with their identified supports weeks before leaving prison, building rapport based on a “familiar face theory” once released. It is hoped that this enhanced level of through-care working on “Holistic service provision” will reduce the level of recidivism in line with the Corrections Victoria vision of “Confidence in Corrections” and the Marngoneet Way of “Enhanced Community Safety”.
As part of the project, the prison has kept in contact with several of the men post-release which has allowed for a “Lived Experience” and the development of detailed case studies. What we are learning from these case studies is, whilst we are doing some things right, there is room for improvement and it is envisaged that lessons learnt lead to systemic improvements at both a local and state level.