Indigenous Employment Linkage: A Peer Perspective

Clint Walker

Victorian Association for the Care & Resettlement of Offenders
Indigenous Engagement Officer

Clint grew up in the Northern Tablelands of NSW with his family of origin. He spent five years in the defence force before working in telecommunications and security systems. While in prison he took on a peer support role hearing about the histories, stories and challenges facing others inside. He also linked in with the Torch Art program for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander prisoners and has continued to develop his art on release.

The Time to Work Employment Service (TWES) is a new national in-prison employment service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people funded by the Department of Jobs & Small Business. The service offers eligible prisoners assistance while they are in prison to help them prepare for employment on their release.
VACRO is delivering this service to all prisons in Victoria employing local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff. This model brings together the expertise of VACRO as a non-government organisation specialised in adult criminal justice; with the unique traditional knowing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
Clint is a Bigambul man who has experienced time in prison. His presentation will cover his personal experience of reintegration through to his passion to meld this into a peer approach to reintegration support. Working in the TWES enables Clint to provide a professional service that incorporates his ancestry and his lived experience to connect, to share, to understand and to support self-determination.